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Maschine Monk is an incredible Midwest M.C. and his new e.p. “The Millennial E.P.” takes on the issues and aggravation of a person who wears melanin in Millennial America.

On the opening of Millennial, Monk has voice mails from friends and peers asking him “how you doing?” trying to reach him and this represents the isolation Monk is either in all the time or only when

he is working on a project. On the next track “Everything is Everything” he answers how he is doing by spilling out everything he has been thinking in this period of isolation. In his isolation “Everything is Everything” describes how Monk is unimpressed by society and how depressing it all really is. His last verse illustrates how things are not changing and it’s only getting worse, ultimately this is probably the reason Monk delves into isolation because he’s done with the matrix and has been for along time. Monk is a true testament to the saying “The more you know, the depressed you become”.

On the track “Flyer” Monk glides over the best beat on the ep flawlessly and nostalgically. Themes of the Matrix are still the theme on this track furthering the arc of the ep, accept on “Flyer” Monk is reminiscent about being young and in the matrix. Things were simpler when he didn’t know as much as he do now. He says “Crown Chicken on every corner, compromising my health”, at the time he wasn’t worried about his health but now being older, wiser and knowing the evils of the food we eat he can never look at his favorite chicken place like he once did while in ignorance.

The song "Millennial" shows Monk as arrogant and a bully of the generation he belongs to. He’s disappointed and disgusted at where the culture has evolved into regressively from how his “heroes” left it. This song also illustrates his disgust of how White America systematically treats blacks.

"Michelle Obama" is the track that completes this ep and it houses my personal favorite line of the entire project “I got some nigga dreams, that when I walk in a bar in WrigleyVille they won’t stop me for my jeans” (You have to be a black 20 something year old male to feel that line). This track also beautifully describes the burden of what it is to wear melanin. Being in melanin is the ultimate unplugging of the matrix and Monk is describing that you will eventually find out that you are not apart of America’s matrix but black millennials are not paying attention. To White America we are ugly and it’s so confusing as to why.

I conclude my analysis by saying I give this project a 4.7 out of 5. This project is pretty perfect but I love it so much that it should have featured more tracks. Monk perspective on the world is every conscience millennial black boy’s perspective and a 9 track album was needed here to capitalize off this great story. However the 5 tracks are incredible and tell a story of a depressed black man who is trying to help everyone around him out of America’s matrix.

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