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Logic The Rapper is Not Black

To understand why Logic isn’t black you first have to understand this fundamental concept of America. Which is in America your ethnicity or ethnicities are what you are born with and who you are but your race defines how you will be treated.

One of the definitions of race is in fact; groups that can be divided based on shared distinctive physical traits.

So in the rapper Logic’s case his father is black and his mother is white, that notion does not provoke me to challenge his blackness but that notion also does not prove he is black.

The fact that he has a black father only provides evidence that Logic is of African descent and heritage but that has zero to do with him being black. Having African descent is apart of your ethnicity but being black is a racial identity. Logic’s appearance has zero features of the black aesthetic and it goes beyond just skin complexion, it’s his hair texture and facial features that identically identifies directly with the profile of a white male and he benefits from that on a daily basis.

Ok, so let’s get one argument out the way that Logic fans will ignorantly use and that is; “well he is black because he even grew up poor and struggling” STOP! Being poor and struggling is not synonymous or exclusive to black people. Every race has a certain population of their people that are impoverished and a certain population that is well-off. The idea of being black is the fact that even if I have 1 billion dollars I will still be pulled over by the police if I’m riding a nice car at 2am at night because of my “black look” and Logic can have just stole that same car but will not get pulled over because of his “white look”. Even if Logic were to get pulled over, his white male appearance and my black male appearance could be the difference between life and death during a traffic stop. When Logic goes to the mall he will not be followed, when he goes to court for the same crime as me statistics show he will get a lighter sentence, I think I’m describing this thing yeah White Privilege.

As a black man this is where I become frustrated because being black in America is a very difficult task and through those difficulties we have created our own privileges that we enjoy. One of those is simply the concept of cool. From hip-hop, to sports, to civil rights activism, to fashion, to comedy and etc. The descendants of slavery somehow are the culture of the World's lust 400 years later and to truly enjoy the culture you have to share the pain of the culture, you have to share the burden of carrying the skin of the culture, you have to carry the nappy hair, you have to share the misfortune of police brutality and all the things that make it hard to be a black human-being based on our exterior.

Logic does not share the same exterior as black men in America but he is capitalizing on the positive benefits of what it is to wear that exterior by claiming he has it interiorly without having to experience the burden of the exterior, which is so irresponsible and slick. That’s why in his music he’s so trigger happy to tell you on every song that he indeed is black because he know that that narrative will give him “cool points” with black people but even cooler points with white people because white people are looking at their very image on stage saying Nigga and subconsciously that image is pleasing to them.

Logic represents an unicorn oxymoron that is super white privileged with just the right amount of nigga. He’s basically the opposite of O.J. accept with “papers” proving he is indeed apart of the other race and this is a lot white people’s dream. They want to experience black culture when it’s convenient for them and go back to being white when they have monetized their experience or get bored and Logic is no different with his white male appearance. Logic holds the convenience of being a nigga only when he wants to because of the lack of education. The education again is ethnicity is what you are and race is what you are treated like. In America Logic will always be treated like a white male and benefit from white privilege.

#logic #logicisnotblack

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